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It's so easy to fall into comparisonitis as an entrepreneur… and in Karly's life long journey through entrepreneurship she has come to understand that, regardless of your level of success, fame or fortune, we all suffer from the same stories of fear, struggle and failure at times. The aim of this podcast is to eliminate the separation between ourselves and success. To know that it's possible and a reality for all of us. And to lower the guru guard and see what really lies underneath. Guests range from newbies (those who have launched their first ever event, product or service) to seasoned professionals who have done it all and seemingly have it all. It's chock a block full of inspiring stories, business tips and takeaways to implement into your life for positive change.
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Sep 20, 2017
Scott grew up suffering my from depression, low self esteem and insecurity after his parents divorced when he was 6. He felt inferior to the other kids whose parents were still together, and always compared himself to others finding any reason to make another person better than him.
He didn't know how to make himself feel good and felt as if he didn't have positive role models in his life. 
In high school and university he suffered from anxiety, stress and pressure. In particular social anxiety where he was constantly feeling shy, awkward, uncomfortable, unconfident, and fearing rejection. 
After completing his degree in Exercise Science at Wollongong University, he found himself emotionally trapped in running his first gym. Not knowing how to get out or find genuine help he ended up with severe depression as the business didn't work out how he imagined it would. 
He lacked emotional intelligence, business skills, communication skills and basic life skills. From there he started his journey to find help. Psychologist/ psychiatrists/ life coaches/ nlp practitioners/ reiki coaches , you name it no one could get him emotionally get him to where he wanted to be, and this led him to feeling frustrated, helpless and hopeless.
From there he started partying a lot. He would party for days. It was the only way he knew how to feel confident, happy and relaxed. But, he paid the price dealing with the come downs and numbing himself to life.
He then attempted to work and train all week at his gym. Needless to say, he suffered, his business suffered, his clients suffered, and eventually he ended up leaving the lot as his ego had the better of him and his addictions took over his life.
He moved interstate and then overseas, only having to be flown home not long after by his family after being rushed to hospital in an ambulance suffering severe panic attacks. He was emotionally more out of control than ever. 
After returning home to Australia he decided he needed help. He was in and out hospitals seeing more doctors/psychs/counsellors no one could help him. He was lost. 
He was now at a point in his life where he had to face up to facts. 
He had an unresolved court case in Victoria where he flew down on his own accord to hand himself in and have his court date re set, only to be arrested and jailed for 18 months for drugs charges. He had finally hit his rock bottom. 
He felt incredible amounts of guilt for what he had put his family and friends through over the past 5 years. 
He was scared, intimidated and fearful for his life, not knowing what to expect. It was the first time in his life, he was all alone. He had to think for himself to survive. 
At this point he realised he didn't know how his mind worked, he didn't know who he was or what his purpose in life was meant to be.
At this point he found a spiritual teacher in there. She teaches small business courses but teaches more about life and life skills to those who would listen.
His way of thinking had led him to that place, he didn't want to be there, and he didn't want to go back, so he listened and implemented everything she taught him. She helped him realise that there is no difference between being in jail emotionally and being in jail in reality. If he wanted to free him himself of jail he needed to learn how to do it emotionally first. 
At this point Scott created a method that he uses today, that switches off and releases negative emotions out your body. He was amazed how powerful it was and how quickly it worked. 
He showed his teacher the method, it worked for her too! She said Scotty your onto something very powerful here you need to get it out there and help people with this, the world we live in needs a lot of healing and more healers like you. 
So from that day Scott realised his life's purpose is to get his method out there and help people. 
Scott has been out for 4 years now. In that time he has set up a business and helped many people with mental health and emotional issues, relationship issues, performance coaching for athletes, body and wellbeing transformations, the lot!
Scott has a degree in Exercise Science, cert 3 & 4 in Fitness and Personal Training, is a qualified reiki practitioner and has his cert 4 in Training & Assessment. 
Scott has helped emotionally transform the lives of hundreds of people in The Sutherland Shire, and Australia wide, in his 1 on 1 private consultations, workshops, seminars and retreats. 
He has been a presenter at Seminars & Workshops on his area of expertise for the following:
-Men's Mental Health & Wellbeing at Orana Hub Coastal Caringbah in 2015 
-Cyber Bullying at Concord Library 2015
-Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshop at Tradies Gymea in The Sutherland Shire 2016
-CPC Psychic Expo at WIN Stadium in Wollongong 2016 
-Psychic Expo at Sutherland Serviceman's Club 2016 
Scott believes in leading by example because actions speak louder than words. He says to have credibility in the eye of another, you must possess the qualities that those who follow want for themselves. He follows this by stating if a teacher does their job properly, the student will overtake the teacher and take the learnings to the next level. 
Scott's goals that he has achieved since hitting rock bottom in jail are inspiring. He symbolises motivation, inspiration, overcoming adversity and leadership. 
You can connect with Scott at
Sep 13, 2017

Karly brings us another free flow convo from beautiful Northern New South Wales, Australia - a real, raw and unscripted take on life, business and what really matters.

Sep 5, 2017

A 9 -Time World Karate Champion, NLP Trainer and Life Coach, Hayley Carr is in the business of happiness. Her mission is to provide inspirational, actionable and deeply transformational coaching, education, and resources which guide motivated, passionate leaders to live their best life, lead with love, become self-actualised, fulfil their potential, and make a positive difference to the the world around them. She believes in the power of flow and fun for sustainable, joy-filled success. Always with a cup of tea in hand, you'll find this Aussie at where she shares thought-provoking and helpful free coaching every week on Bold living, Fierce Love, & Vibrant Leadership through her online show, Hayley Carr TV. 

Aug 30, 2017

Karly comes in from gorgeous Northern New South Wales, Australia with real, raw and unscripted thoughts on life and business.

Aug 22, 2017

Fiona Killackey is a business consultant and coach, freelance writer and founder of My Daily Business Coach, an online portable for people wanting to start and grow a creative small business. She lives in a little log cabin on the outskirts of Melbourne with her 4yo son, Levi and husband, Jerome (and dog, Kashi). Fiona works mainly with creative small business owners to manage, organize and grow their businesses. Prior to working for herself she was Head of Marketing at Country Road Group (MIMCO) and, before that, worked at digital agencies as well as Amazon UK, Audible UK and Open University (MBA Program). She has also been a published writer since 2002 for publications including Cool Hunting, The Age, The Design Files, Russh, CLEO, Flux, Soma, Refinery29, The National Newspaper, Shift Japan and many others. She also guest lectures on marketing for RMIT, JMC Academy and General Assembly. 

You can connect with Fiona at

Aug 16, 2017

Karly comes in from beautiful Northern New South Wales with a no filter, no bull, no script take on life and business.

Aug 8, 2017

Jody Vassallo trained as a Home Economist and has been working as a recipe writer and food stylist for the past 22 years. She has collaborated with many leaders in the food industry, including Bill Granger, Jamie Oliver (a ten year partnership!) and Donna Hay. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Sainsbury’s magazine, Gourmet Traveller, Mind Food and donna hay magazine; she has worked at Murdoch Books, published for Marie Claire Style, and created books for French publisher Hachette Livre.

In 2002 she started her own publishing company, Fortiori, to create recipes for people with specific dietary requirements like diabetes, coeliac disease and allergies. In 2003, her Fortiori Nutrition for Life series won the Gourmand World Food Media Award for Best Nutrition Series and in 2014, her book Beautiful Food won the award for Best Nutrition and Health Cookbook (Australia). 

Jody graduated from Institute of Integrative Nutrition as Health Coach in 2014 and now runs a successful online health coaching business where she works with women on a range of health issues. Using her extensive knowledge of food medicine she has had great success with clients suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, endometriosis, coeliac disease diabetes and weight related conditions.

Jody also teaches regular yoga classes in Bangalow and owns a wellness retreats business called Rising Collective which runs retreats in Australia, Bali and Europe. Her 2016 event with Dr Libby Weaver, Balancing the Busy, was attended by over 200 local women.

You can connect with Jody at

Aug 2, 2017

Karly brings us another real and raw free flow conversation about life and business.

Jul 25, 2017

This week Karly flips things around and gets her very first ever Karlosophies guest (and best friend), Lisa Corduff, to come and put her on the hot seat. 


Jul 19, 2017

Karly comes in from beautiful Northern New South Wales, Australia with another free flow convo – real and raw talk about life and business.

Jul 12, 2017

Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Health Practitioner, treating out of her garden clinic in Hills East of Perth. If she's not working or writing you’ll find her in the garden with her family, or in the bush soaking up the awesome flowery vibes.
Tracy uses a combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence Therapy helping women gain the peace, relief and new perspective they crave.

Tracy works 1:1 with women, online and in her clinic, who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, hormonal issues, and anxiety. Having two daughters of her own, she is unapologetically human, and through her own complex journey, she is sincerely motivated to leave this world a better woman and a better place. 

You can connect with Tracy at

Jul 5, 2017

In this episode, Karly comes in from Northern NSW, Australia to talk life and business - totally raw, honest and unscripted.

Jun 28, 2017

Since 2005 Allison Davies has been running a private practice in both clinical and community settings in the areas of early childhood intervention, special educational needs, autism spectrum disorder, juvenile detention, youth engagement, mental health, aged care, palliative care, dementia care, perinatal care and speech-rehabilitation.

Oh My Musical Goodness was born in 2007 as a complimentary platform for this practice. A way of bringing education and resources to caregivers, and helping parents and teachers understand their children’s neural, emotional and sensory needs.

A rich diversity in client cultural background, gender identity, therapeutic need and age (ranging from pre-birth to 107!) is making for an exciting and fulfilling journey!

You can connect with Allison at

Jun 21, 2017

Karly comes in from Northern New South Wales with some unscripted, no-holds-barred thoughts on life and business.

Jun 14, 2017

Kristie is a Positive Psychology, Success and Business Coach who helps women to step up and thrive in life and business. She also has a water business and is just about to start a new business as well.

Kristie has a vision to empower 10,000 women by the end of 2017 to work in their zone of genius, monetise their message and master their success.

Kristie does this through 8 week online Masterminds, 4 day Bali Masterminds and online programs such as her Journaling For Success and Alignment programs.

She is currently travelling the world - living in Bali at the moment to expand her reach globally and make a big impact.

Kristie talks alot about Zone of Genius, Alignment, forming and Unstoppable Mindset, Masteirng Your Success, Monetising Your Message, Flow, Fulfillment, Setting up and Energised Business Model.

Before 2012 Kristie lives a life of self destruction and confusion. Like most people, she went to University and got a 'good' job however she quickly realised how unfufilled she was. Kristie suppressed alot of the pain through overconsuming alcohol, damaging her body with food and substances, was in a toxic relationship and did not have alot of self love for herself.

After a 2 minute conversation her life completely changed and she went on a journey of growth in all areas - spirituality, business, finance, health, relationships etc.

Today Kristie inspires others with her message to help others be able to take what they love and whats within them and unleash it into the world in a powerful way.

You can connect with Kristie using the links below:


Facebook page:

Facebook group:

Jun 6, 2017

Karly comes in from Northern NSW with more raw, unscripted truth bombs about life and business.

May 31, 2017

Jo Murphy is Karly's right hand woman at the Radcasters Podcasting School and the Karlosophies podcast, a former academic, and a digital jack (a digital Jo?) of all trades with a special interest in social media and copywriting.

She likes vegan food, caffeine, politics, New York, bad horror films, and asking Google for life advice. She dislikes the tiny "occupation" box on outgoing passenger cards.

You can connect with Jo in Karly's Facebook group:

Or you can shoot her an email at

May 24, 2017

Karly comes in from beautiful Northern New South Wales, Australia with another free flow convo - real and raw talk about life and business.

May 16, 2017
Rebekah Allan writes. She creates. She blogs. She sells Daily. 
With businesses under her belt (including some epic fails), she now has an online business and blog that fully supports her + hottie boyfriend + a mortgage. Working less than 30 hours per week. And no crazy 'launching' 'cause that makes her want to vomit in her mouth a little bit.
Some stats and facts direct from Rebekah:
  • I make over $6 000 per month from a blog (consistently, *say whattt*!)
  • I have worked in a business for over 15 years (started when I was 13) and am a qualified baker & pastry cook. (Kinda proud of the fact I finished the Qualification in 2.5 years.)
  • Serial entrepreneur previously having a cleaning business, home day care business and cooking business – At 30 yo with no money, no job and no home, I started a cake business.
  • 9 months later, I had franchised my business model and had 1st franchisee.  Yep, super doper crazy. Within 2 years had sold 12 franchises.
  • My cakes turned into a franchise, the franchise turned into a blog, the blog turned into a business that pays me a full time income.
  • Got to really know my strengths – a teacher.  I found my naturally rocking teaching skills in the business of blogging.
  • I create, capture and convert like crazy.
  • Through years of testing & tweaking and many failures, share what is working for me.
  • I call myself a creating & selling machine!

To connect with Rebekah, visit

May 10, 2017

In this episode, Karly comes in from Northern New South Wales, Australia to talk about life and business.

You can check out Karly's community, Show Up Speak Up here:

May 2, 2017

A podcaster since 2006, Elsie was one of the first female indie podcasters using audio to teach yoga. Elsie’s Yoga Class has now been downloaded over 4 million times!

Her obsession for podcasting got her a job working with Libsyn, the leading podcast host and distribution network created in 2004.

She's been there since 2007 and has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of podcasters, sharing tools for better production, educating them in the fast moving podcasting space, as well as cultivating a strongly engaged community through The Feed: The Official Libsyn podcast which she both co-hosts and produces. The Feed’s sole focus is keeping people podcasting.

She also co-runs the largest community for women in podcasting with a corresponding podcast (of course) called She Podcasts.

Their sole mission is to empower women to continue to share their voices while creating a safe community of podcasting education and support.

In short: she's a die-hard podcast junkie who lives, breathes and works the medium, and has since 2006. 

She has pulsed with the space and grown from someone that had NO IDEA what a digital recorder was or how to record anything to someone that currently offers advice to thousands of people a month. 

She knows the heart and soul of podcasters and podcasting well beyond iTunes and public media. She has the unique perspective and expertise of a podcast listener, independent podcast producer, and podcasting industry analyst/personality.

You can connect with Elsie here:

And check out the She Podcasts community here:

Apr 26, 2017

Karly comes in unscripted from Norther New South Wales, Australia to share something she's been working on - and that sparked an interesting discussion in her free Facebook community.

You can join the Show Up Speak Up community here:

Apr 19, 2017

Bronnie Ware has been called many things. Above all she is authentic and bravely lives how her heart guides, free of any such labels or expectations.

Bronnie’s calling is to lead by courageous example; a calling she honours with integrity. Having sat by bedsides of the terminally ill for several years, she knows the pain of dying with regret. Bronnie also understands the value of humour and being real. Consequently she exercises her power of choice with consciousness on a daily basis.

While acknowledging how much courage it can take to truly allow all we deserve through, Bronnie believes we are all worthy of joy. Her work and teachings draw on first-hand experience, always delivered with relatable honesty. With a grounded attitude and great sense of humour, Bronnie connects to people from all walks of life.

Her incredible life experience goes well beyond the years with dying people and has taught her how much we are all alike, rather than different. This attitude also connects Bronnie easily and delightfully to her audience worldwide, particularly once they experience her energy in person at live events. Some of Bronnie’s favourite things are to combine her talents into fun-filled stage presentations, as well as getting people off their computers and back to real-life conversations and experiences. Her life so far has also taught her how important it is to enjoy the precious gift of time we are given, by courageously living as true to our heart as possible.

Bronnie's favourite role is as a mother. Her favourite teacher is nature.

She lives in northern New South Wales, Australia and is a dear friend of mine. I'm so honoured to share this chat between two friends.

You can connect with Bronnie at

Apr 12, 2017

In this episode, Karly comes in unscripted from her studio to talk about her battles with anxiety and depression, and what she's learned from them. 

If this episode has brought up any issues for you, you may wish to visit for resources and support.

Apr 5, 2017

Sasha Peakall is on a mission to help stressed out business women grow their businesses in a way that leverages their time so that they don’t have to hustle their butt off for every single penny. As the Sales Funnel Strategist, she believes it's her job to help people create a strategy that will help them sell their products on autopilot in a completely value packed, non-sleazy way so that they no longer have to live a sucky, hustled-out life!

You can connect with Sasha at

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